Challenges of Family Life Education teachers

There is no sex education in Polish schools, but all pupils from 4th class of primary school can participate in family life education subject. These are very specific classes, that should be carried out by prepared specialists.

Even if the teacher finished special postgraduate studies and even got the experience, it is not so easy to be the teacher of this subject.

The first thing is a fact that there are no tests to check, no grades to be issued. But from the other hand it’s harder. To make a lesson interesting and fruitful, the teacher should spend a lot of time for preparation. Sometimes toiled to encourage students to take part in discussions, encourage the topic. And finally – overcome his/her own resistance when discussing some issues.

It’s very important for teachers that before classes:

  • be very good prepared (content)
  • be sure that things he/she does are important and needed.
  • Know that pupils’ questions aren’t malice, but they result from curiosity, ignorance or heard stereotypes.
  • Shouldn’t criticize asking persons for their questions.
  • answer questions exactly

So… is it easy to be a teacher of family life education?

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